• Johannes Köhn

    Trainer, Facilitator & Coach.

    Founder & Entrepreneur.

    Johannes Köhn, working as trainer, process facilitator, moderator and coach since 2009, focuses his mission and work on the following:


    Team | Organizational Development

    (Intercultural) Communication

    Behavioral | Consciousness Change



    Johannes, by background industrial engineer & entrepreneur (Dipl.-Ing. and MSc), has over 8,000 hours of training, facilitation and coaching experience for over 50 organizations and more than 30,000 people. He lived in 4, travelled to over 60 and worked in more than 35 countries. Educated as trainer (2009), facilitator (2010) and host (2011), certified as international coach (2013) and master coach (2014), Johannes serves numerous multinational and medium-sized companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations globally.

    Besides heading his own business (johanneskoehn.de), Johannes co-founded and leads dieTraineeAkademie (dietraineeakademie.de), a professional trainee program provider aiming at developing the next leadership generation in companies. He also co-founded EvoluteSix, a transformational virtual executive and team coaching program. Lastly, Johannes co-founded theTribe (thetribechallenge.de) with the purpose of taking businesses and high-potential individuals for deep leadership journeys into nature.


    Johannes’ corporate background includes completing professional stations at Arthur D. Little, Deutsche Bank, KMPG and Accenture across various industries with a strong focus on strategy consulting. Within the international organization of AIESEC as well as their alumni association, Johannes served in national and international senior leadership positions before supporting the global organization and its leadership development as trainer, moderator, coach and consultant.


    His work focuses not solely on developing knowledge and skills. Equally important is inspiring minds and hearts for authentic self-expression and living in power and truth. Interaction and experience-based learning are the guideposts for his trainings and workshops.


    Personally and professionally, Johannes is on the constant quest for new challenges. Since 2014, he crossed the Alps on a bike, walked over 1000km on the Camino through Spain, climbed Kilimanjaro and Elbrus (2 of 7Summits) and above 7000m in the Western Himalayas, ran numerous Marathons and completed 4 of the world's most extreme triathlon races.


    He is driven by the question: "How can I serve you?"

  • Training & Facilitation

    With various topics, formats, audiences. And one philosophy.



    Human beings can achieve incredible things: Solving challenges with new creative thinking. Designing any desired life and profession. Leading personal and professional processes of change.

    And they can do all this for themselves and for others.


    My mission is to serve these individual and organizational processes of becoming: Not best, but better. Not healthiest, but healthier. Not fastest, but faster. Not smartest, but smarter.

    Because every masterpiece could be better.


    My mantra is this: Revolutionary empowerment through evolutionary change. Not later. Now.


    THE TRAINER: Authentic. Credible. Integer.
    THE TRAINING: Holistic. Pragmatic. Transparent.
    THE TRIUMPH: Paradigm shifting. Solving. Sustainable.





    Leadership Training

    • Design and delivery of leadership development programs and seminars
    • Guiding personal and organizational transformation processes such as vision-building, innovation, creativity and change management
    • Personal development, self-awareness, resilience, relationship skills, belief systems, emotions


    Team & Organizational Development

    • Facilitation of teambuilding and decision making processes
    • Moderation and mediation of group dynamics and conflict resolution
    • Transformation of organizational culture (values, beliefs, behaviors), strategies and learning


    Professional Skills

    • Communication, rhetoric, presentation, moderation
    • Project management, time and self-management
    • Confidence and presence building
    • Intercultural competences (general and culture-specific preparation and reintegration)


    Train-the-Trainer, Train-the-Coach

    • Basic trainer education with focus on building self-awareness and trainer identity
    • Advanced trainer education with focus on group dynamics and facilitation
    • Life and business coach education following ICF requirements


    FORMATS (German & English)

    • Seminars, trainings and workshops
    • Individual life and executive coaching
    • Team and business coaching
    • Motivational speaking for conferences
    • Individualized events for small groups
    • Hosting spaces (Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Café etc.)



    • Domestic and multinational companies
    • Global public institutions
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Universities and educational organizations
    • Leaders, managers and entrepreneurs
    • Professionals, trainees and graduates
  • Coaching

    On Leadership, Business & Life.

    Simply put, my job is to free potential through action. I see my work as a process that aims to develop, challenge, support and empower others to reach their full potential, personally and professionally, in a sustainable way.


    I help others help themselves: Whether it is fulfilling their dreams, making life and business-defining decisions, or simply becoming a better leader, manager, entrepreneur, friend, lover, family member - and human being. My help is of service mostly at the crossroads of life and business when many roads diverge, in those key moments that hold the power to shape us and our organizations fundamentally.


    Ultimately, my coaching program is for high-potentials who want to achieve powerful life results in line with their real potential, through living their truth and authenticity.


    I work closely with my clients and help them go to the next level, personally and professionally – with their careers, their businesses, their relationships with others and themselves.


    You might be in this place in your life right now. Ready to create all the abundance and wealth life has to offer and that you deserve. Ready to live life to the fullest. Ready to rise to the next level, in your career and your relationships (including the one to your Self).


    Does that resonate with you? I would love to work with you and help you achieve even more powerful results and an amazing, fulfilled life. Let's talk.




    Professional Coaching Process Focused on Results

    Individual Life, Business or Executive Coaching | Group Coaching Programs

    12/6/3 Months Packages | Weekend Retreats

    3 Sessions/Months à 120 Min. (Bi-)Weekly

    Virtually or Face-to-Face | English or German



    Measurable Results Personally & Professionally

    Freeing Potential Through Paradigm-Shifting & Action

    Dreams are Dreams | Obstacles are Obstacles

    Atmosphere of Trust, Autonomy & Credibility



    Vision > Current Reality > Bridge > Actions

    Challenge & Support | Develop & Capacitate

    Behaviors ∞ Emotions ∞ Beliefs ∞ Values

    Holistic Approach (Personal & Professional)


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